Below are the wedding party’s outfits chosen by Carol Spenser and the Wedding House Styling Team.

Also listed, are Carol’s reasons for choosing the bride’s dress including a description of the wedding-dress shape – CinchedIn, StreamLine, StraightUp, LooseLine.

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Scott & Harriett - Gothic Episode Three
Scott & Harriett - Gothic

Photography By: Ben Moore Photography

Bride and Groom's Outfit:

Harriet's Dress - Carol's Comments:

This dress is Cinched In Style

Velvet Corset to accentuate the waist

Long ruffled velt skirt with buckled belt

Victorian jacket with wide shoulders

Pill box hat with bird detail


Dan & Dave - Regency Episode Three
Dan & Dave - Regency

Photography By: Channel 4

Wedding Party Outfits By: Dereham Theatre Costumes

Carol's Comments:

Double-breasted diagonal buttons broaden the shoulders

Lace jabots suit shorter necks

Tight, white breeches need slim thighs

Waistcoats slim the waistline

Riding boots, sexier than buckled shoes!


Luke & Amanda - Tropical Episode Three
Luke & Amanda - Tropical

Photography By: Jon Tennant Photography

Brides Outfit By:

Carol's Comments:

This dress is StreamLine Style

Sweetheart neckline to enhance the bust

Corset lacing to define the waist

Diagonal pleating lengthens and slims the midriff

Ivory suits all Colour Directions

Justin & Lauren - Dirty Dancing Episode Three
Justin & Lauren - Dirty Dancing

Photography By: Lai-Ha

Brides Dress By: Love Me Do Brides

Lauren's Dress - Carol's Comments:

This dress is Cinched In Style

Boned bodice gives bust support

Belt and bow details accentuates a slim waist

Short net underskirts to create authentic 50's style

3/4 length rose detail, organza skirt for 'The Lift'