Below are the wedding party’s outfits chosen by Carol Spenser and the Wedding House Styling Team.

Also listed, are Carol’s reasons for choosing the bride’s dress including a description of the wedding-dress shape – CinchedIn, StreamLine, StraightUp, LooseLine.

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Cara & Janine - Tudor Wedding Episode Two
Cara & Janine - Tudor Wedding

Photography By: Lai-Ha

Wedding Party Outfits By: Dereham Theatre Costumes

Janine's Outfit - Carol's Comments:

This Outfit is StreamLine Style

Puffed/padded sleeves broadens the shoulders

Jewelled bustline drawing attention to cleavage

Dipped-V waistline lenghtens and slims the midriff

Vertical panelling in the skirt adds height to a petite figure

Michael & Janine - On The Buses Episode Two
Michael & Janine - On The Buses

Photography By: Lai-Ha

Bride's Dress: Donated by Ronald Joyce Bridalwear

Janine's Outfit - Carol's Comments:

This dress is StreamLine Style

Diamante sweetheart neckline

Net underskirt added for volume

Corsetry at the backhelps to pull in the waist

Bolero jacket is flattering for fuller, upper arms


Michael's Suit: Moss Bros

Alan & Yvonne - Dungeon Wedding Episode Two
Alan & Yvonne - Dungeon Wedding

Photography By: Lai-Ha

Bride's Outfit By: The Corset Company & House of Harlot

Yvonne's Outfit - Carol's Comments:

This outfit is Cinched In Style

Boning in the corset helps boost the bust

Deep colours extremely slimming

Corsetry ties at the back to pull in waist

Latex skirt unzips front and back to show thigh length boots...


Alan's Outfit By: Honour