When Channel 4 were putting together a team of top experts for their amazing 'Wedding House' series, their choice for stylist was none other than Style Directions, MD, Carol Spenser.

Known collectively during filming as "The Three C's" - Carol, together with Wedding Planner, Chris and Registrar, Cynthia, had only one brief meeting with each couple to gather any info that they possibly could to help make their dreams come true.

With only a few hours to put together (and sometimes make...) up to 10 outfits per wedding, Carol really had her work cut out. But with 30 years experience, and a best-selling Wedding-Style book to her credit, Carol was well equipped to cope with all that was thrown at her - sometimes literally!


With so much to do, so little time, two weddings per day, tearful brides, nervous grooms and over-excited bridesmaids and pageboys, Carol also needed a crack team to get the bridal party downstairs to Chris & Cynthia in time for the ceremony deadline. So, also run ragged were her Assistant Stylist, Lucy; Ace Seamstress, Kim and researcher Sophie - not to mention, Alison back at Style Directions.

More Advice from Carol

Carol Spenser is not just a Wedding Stylist! Her reputation has been built over many years helping thousands of women achieve their best look based on current trends – from designerwear to the popular High Street brands.

Let Carol help you find your most flattering look for work, casual or evening with her innovative, new ‘Outfit Shape’ system...

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Kim, Lucy, Sophie

Seamstress Kim, Assistant Stylist Lucy and Researcher Sophie at Wedding House.